Construction Cleaning Brisbane

Construction Cleaning –Pre/Post Construction Cleaning

Construction is always associated with a lot of dirt/dust, hanging debris, construction equipment taking up the space and left-over material clattered all over the area. This is not only a risk for your health but is also a safety hazard that may cause the construction to be stalled during inspections. This process can be made more efficient and safer by hiring professional construction cleaners to help at the site.

Construction Cleaning Brisbane

For houses and office space, there comes a time when you are either building from scratch or remodeling. Maintaining a clean site is important for inspections during the process and for the final presentation of the property. During the construction process, maintaining a clean working environment makes it safer for the workers and eases their work, making the project move along more efficiently. That is why we provide construction cleaning in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs as well as in Gold Coast and Melbourne.
We will clean all the surfaces so that installation of doors, windows, flooring, painting and even putting up wall coverings and cubicles is easier. After the builders are done, we provide post construction cleaning services so that the value of the real value of the property can be seen during the final presentation either before a lease or sale. Post construction cleaning is often over-looked but it is equally as important.
We have a team of highly trained staff with experience and specialization in both pre and after construction cleaning. Our company has an understanding of all the expectations in the building industry. Our cleaning team will have constant consultation with you to ensure that the cleaning services are up to standards at all times during the process.

We are the best construction cleaners in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne with plans to eventually provide our excellent services to all of Australia. You can get our services by doing an online booking or contacting us through our customer care via a phone call.

Booking comes with a cleaning checklist that includes all the services we offer for builders cleaning. You get the chance to check against all the services you will require and get a free quote on how much it will cost you. There are also additional services listed. They include; Carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning, floor polishing, tile and grout cleaning. Our cleaning team is dedicated and trained to clean everything. Whatever you need cleaned, we will clean it professionally. We offer quality services at competitive prices.

Our cleaning team will come with a site supervisor who is there to provide safety talks, do inspections and quality control to guarantee quality outcomes. We also have modern equipment to ensure that you are getting the best services. Our cleaning products are friendly to the environment as we have a green policy.

  • Remove tarps, tapes and plastic coverings
  • Clean windows and glass including scrape off over-spray.
  • Remove dust and debris from the light fixtures, pipes, walls, concrete floors, ducts, ceilings etc.
  • Clean up after electricians and plumbers
  • Remove all the extra wood, metal, dry wall, debris and other junk
  • Scrub and clean tiles, polish stainless steel, wipe walls, clean sinks etc
  • Wash the interior and exterior window glass
  • Scrape and sweep for carpet pad
  • Remove labels and protective plastic from sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, mirrors.
  • Sweep and mop finished floors.

Our online construction cleaning checklist includes more services. If you have special cleaning requests all you have to do is inform our cleaning team who will schedule regular cleanups until the construction is completed.

We have an all-round cleaning package. Our other services include; Domestic cleaning –Bond Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, House cleaning, per-sale cleaning; Commercial cleaning that entails Office cleaning Brisbane, Supermarket cleaning, industrial cleaning, event cleaning, and emergency cleaning. We have other services like pest control, labor hire, plumbing, gardening, handyman services.
We have 12 years in the cleaning industry with a team of highly trained individuals and cutting-edge equipment to provide excellent services. We are a fully licensed company with public liability insurance. By choosing us you not only get the work done but are guaranteed 100% insurance and customer satisfaction.