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office cleaning brisbane

Office Cleaning Prices in Brisbane

Full range of cleaning

We offer both domestic and commercial  Office Cleaning Brisbane. Our commercial cleaning package comes in an extensive range that has both indoor and outdoor cleaning including garden maintenance. We offer window cleaning and steam carpet cleaning leaving your office looking clean and fresh. Regular offices cleaning will also mean healthy working environment for your employees and clients. Above all, our service would give you and your employees a promising work station.

The idea of professional office cleaning can be easily overlooked. The truth is that maintaining the physical space is an important aspect of running your business. A good impression matters in the professional environment, people will notice if your office environment is unorganized or dirty. A potential client may walk away because your office being unclean. Even the employees might not like working in an unclean environment. We also understand that cleaning the place all by your self is also not possible. That is why Cleaners R Us is right here to transform your working space into spotless station to work in.

Here’s why choosing Cleaners R Us is the best

Getting professional commercial cleaners will give you peace of mind in knowing that your office is spotless at all times. Cleaning can be time-consuming and the employees are not paid to waste time cleaning the office. Getting commercial cleaning services will mean that you do not have to cut down on valuable workday. If you have an office located in Brisbane, choosing us to clean your office will be among the best decisions you have ever made for your business. Since our janitors are available at any time, you can hire for our service at any time. We can also finish the cleaning work before your work starts.

  • Professional and well-trained crew of cleaners.
  • Flexible in making plans based on customer’s desire.
  • Our services are provided on time.
  • We provide high standard service in cleaning.
  • All staffs at Cleaners R Us strictly follow the green policy. Therefore, you need not worry about the external products and equipment we use.
  • We are available through all days in the week. So,you can contact us at any.
office cleaning brisbane

What makes our office cleaning package the best in Brisbane?

Professional Cleaning

Your office contains valuable stuff. This may make you hesitant of letting strangers in for fear that they might mess things up or even steal from you. This is why, as a cleaning company, we seek to assure all our clients that they can put 100% trust in us. We are a trustworthy cleaning organization whom you can rely on. Every member of our cleaning team is highly trained and has public liability insurance, police reference checks as well as their own ABNs. Our company is registered and has proper licenses and accreditation.

All our cleaning chemical solutions are of high quality, environmentally friendly and come at no extra cost. Therfore, you will be in safe hands. Your property will be treated with lot of care.

Free Cleaning Quote

Our company website has a commercial cleaning “free and instant quote” option. Additionally there is a commercial cleaning Brisbane checklist. This allows you to specify just what services you will require by giving vital information like the size of your office, the specifications on the type of services you will need and when you will need the services. You then get a feedback us on how much the services you require from our cleaning team are likely to cost you.

It would take you a few minutes to enter your details and fill out the form. There would be important questions like the size of your property, date and time you prefer the service, etc. Make sure you give the right date and time to avoid confusion. If not you can also contact us through the number given. We will get back to you within the next hour and would guide you in making your free quote.

Customer satisfaction

Our Commercial Cleaning Brisbane services come with a 100% customer satisfaction policy. In case you are not satisfied with the cleaners’ service, you are assured that the cleaning team will come back in good time (mostly within the next 72 hours). Our janitors would attend to you for free if informed within 5 working days from day of service provided.

We make follow-up calls with our clients to ask about the quality of services and try to address any complaints or points of concern raised. We would consider all your requests. Your feedback helps in our improvement.

Most Affordable Prices

You want to get the best services out there at the most affordable price. With our office cleaners, you are guaranteed the greatest value for your money. How much we charge you depends on your office space, the number and sizes of carpets that our staff will be expected to clean. We have no hidden charges. The prices listed by our company include labor charges, chemical and equipment charges. Based on the size of your property the charges might vary.

Office cleaning Brisbane reviews

In the cleaning business, you are only as good as what people say you are. We are the best in house cleaners in Brisbane and our reviews from satisfied clients show that everyone agrees. We have great value for our customers and strive to provide the best quality services. Check our testimony to see what other clients are saying about our Brisbane home cleaning services. This will help you to be sure that you are making the right choice in picking us to provide house cleaning services in Brisbane.

How do I book office cleaning Brisbane?

Booking can be done by filling our online form or calling us through the contact number provided. It takes only a few minutes.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, you have to book is advance so that we can schedule the most convenient time for you. You can then contact us to provide weekly cleaning services for your office so that your office is spotless at all times.

Early bookings are encouraged to give us ample time to organize our cleaning staff and prepare all the products needed for the cleaning services.

Brisbane Office Cleaning Areas

Our Brisbane cleaning locations are Brisbane City CBD, Brisbane Gold Coast, Brisbane Sunshine Coast, Brisbane North side, Brisbane South side, Brisbane Melbourne as well as Brisbane Eastern and western Suburbs.

office cleaning brisbane

The Following Items are included in our General Office Cleaning;

  • Cleaning front, side glass, & doors
  • Cleaning internal glass
  • Cleaning & dusting rails, screen tracks and other wall fittings
  • Cleaning, dusting & wiping down desks/tables
  • Cleaning & removing of Hand/finger marks from doors, walls, light switches
  • Cleaning & Removing of cobwebs all areas
  • Cleaning & vacuuming of all hard floors and moping & buffing
  • Cleaning, sweeping & moping staircases incl. handrail (If any)
  • Cleaning of air vents, grills and surround
  • Cleaning & collecting the rubbish bins / recycling bins
  • Cleaning & vacuuming of all carpet floors
  • Dusting, cleaning & wiping all office furniture, fittings, filling cabinets, book cases, pictures
  • Cleaning & removing finger marks & dirt from doors, walls, light switches
  • Cleaning & dusting of skirting boards and window ledges to be dusted / wiped on all exposed surfaces
  • Cleaning, vacuuming, moping & buffing all hard floors
  • Clean and disinfecting seats, lids, urinals, handles and fittings
  • Cleaning & washing of floors including plugs and drains
  • Cleaning pipes, doors and door grills
  • Spot cleaning marks from partitions and walls
  • Thoroughly moping and spot cleaning tiles and glass in showers
  • Thoroughly cleaning mirrors
  • Cleaning & removing of hand marks from doors, walls, light switches
  • Treating floor drains with disinfectant to reduce odours
  • Cleaning sinks, splash backs, bench tops and cupboards externally
  • Cleaning & wiping bench tops and surrounds
  • Cleaning & disinfecting drains
  • Removing rubbish to disposal point
  • Spot cleaning the outside of refrigerator
  • Cleaning inside & outside of microwave
  • Cleaning & wiping down all filtered water units
  • Vacuuming & moping floors, wipe down surfaces