Spring Cleaning Brisbane

After the cold winter season when your only worry was “is my house warm enough?” comes spring.

Spring represents a break from constantly heating up the fireplace, the perfect opportunity to air the house and clean the soot that has accumulated over the months. It is mostly done annually but you can choose to do it after every few years or even bi-annually. Spring cleaning is a process that involves thorough and deed cleaning and thus takes a lot of time should you decide on DIY. Professional spring cleaning is a concept that has been embraced by many over the years. Our company is among the best spring cleaners in Brisbane. Our spring cleaners guarantee that even the most difficult-to-reach places will be sparkling when they leave your home.

Spring Cleaning Brisbane

What is in our Spring Cleaning Brisbane package?

We are a fully licensed company with public liability insurance meaning that any damage on your property by our cleaners will be taken care of. We have 12 years of service in Brisbane with a great image and good track record because we offer the best spring cleaning services in Brisbane. Our cleaning will be at your house on time and proceed to clean all your windows, carpets and rugs, the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and even your upholstery and blinds at your request. We are a flexible team and give you the chance to list all areas of interest and our cleaners will make sure it has been cleaned to professional standards. Our services are 100% insured. We go above and beyond to make sure that you get what you pay for. Here’s why we are your best option in Brisbane;

Spring Cleaning Prices

One Off Job

$44 + GST

Expert Cleaners
20Fully Insured

The standard price for spring cleaning is at least $44.00 plus GST. This is subject to increase depending on the size of your house and the amount of work that will be done. You can get a free quote by looking at our spring cleaning checklist which is detailed to show the services that will be done in your lounge, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and laundry cleaning as well as the general cleaning of staircases, railings, storerooms, garage, balcony etc.

You can pay by card or cash after getting our services. Paying upfront is however cheaper for you as it comes with discounts.

Customer satisfaction

In the cleaning business, you are only as good as what people say you are. We are the best in house cleaners in Brisbane and our reviews from satisfied clients show that everyone agrees. We have great value for our customers and strive to provide the best quality services.


We highly recommend Cleaners R US . Every week we come home to a spotless home that is affordable. We get follow up phone calls to ensure that we are happy with the service that we get and it’s affordable. Thank you. Cheers Guys!

Sandra Scott from Brisbane

When talking about cleaning, Cleaners R US is one of the best companies I had. Aside from being expert and professional in this field, their cleaners are friendly, humorous and meticulous. Keep it up .

Spring Cleaning FAQ’s

How long will spring cleaning take?
Our services take within 2 to 10 hours depending on the size of the rooms and amount of work to be done. We are flexible and will be willing to come to you at the most convenient time for you so that our cleaners cause the least disruption to your schedule. Just like with bond or vacate cleaning, spring cleaning takes an average of 2 to 10 hours depending on the condition and size of the house. Your special requests will also feature in the time it will take. Depending on the other additional services you opt for, you can either choose to stay and oversee the process or leave the house and have us call you when we are almost done.
How do I book spring cleaning services?
You can book spring cleaning services online or by calling us on 0733332121 in Brisbane and 0790173330. We have 24/7 customer care who will attend to you within minutes regardless of what time or day of the week it is. If you opt for our regular services, you can book a different cleaner or choose to stay with the cleaners that came to you the first time for as long as you like.
Do I need to book in advance?
Yes, booking in advance is always best especially for spring cleaning as it is thorough and takes longer than regular cleaning. We also have emergency services that require no booking at all. Just call us and we will be at your doorstep within an hour both commercial and domestic services.

Spring Cleaning Areas

We have 12 years of service in Brisbane, Australia. Spring cleaning is one of the services under our domestic package. We are the best in Brisbane and Gold Coast and have now expanded to Melbourne, Perth and Toowoomba.



Walls & Skirtings – Dust & Wipe Windows / Screens – Vacuum & Wipe Blinds/Curtains – Vacuum & wipe Furniture – Dust & Wipe / Keep neat & tidy Floor – Vacuum & Mop with all edges & corners
Spring Cleaning Brisbane
House & Commercial Cleaning
clean home icon 4


Doors/Walls/Skirtings/Screens – Dust & Wipe Windows / Screens – Vacuum & Wipe Blinds/Curtains – Dust & wipe Cupboards/Drawers – Dust & wipe Benches/Tilings/Splashbacks – Wipe down Sink/Disposal unit/Taps – Wipe down Stove top/Grill – Wipe down / Scrub / Remove oil & grease Oven – Wipe down Microwave – Dust & wipe – Out Side Refrigerator – Dust & wipe ( Out side & Edges ) Dishwasher – Dust & Wipe in out side (Clean inside & filters with request) Floor – Vacuum & Mop with all edges & corners


Doors/Walls/Skirtings/Screens – Dust & Wipe Wardrobe/Drawers/Shelves – Dust & Wipe Furniture – Dust & Wipe / Keep neat & tidy Windows / Screens – Dust & Wipe / remove marks Blinds/Curtains – Vacuum & wipe with clean cloths Floor – Vacuum & Mop with all edges & corners
Spring Cleaning Brisbane
Spring Cleaning Brisbane


Doors/Walls/Skirtings/Tiling – Dust & Wipe Windows / Screens – Wipe Bath – Wipe Shower/Shower Screen – Wipe / Scrub Basin/Vanity – Wipe / Wash down Mirrors/Cabinets – Clean mirrors Towel rails – Dust & Wipe for remove marks Toilet (doors/walls/floor) – Dust & Wipe / Wash down for remove marks Floor – Vacuum & Mop with all edges & corners


Doors/Walls/Skirtings – Dust & Wipe Exhaust Fans/Light fittings – Dust & Wipe Wash tubs & cupboards under – Vacuum & Wipe Washing Machine/Dryer – Dust & Wipe in out side (Clean inside with request )
Spring Cleaning Brisbane
Spring Cleaning


Balcony/Deck – Sweep / Remove cobwebs Garage/Storeroom – Sweep out Staircases/Railings – Wipe &Vacuum

Austral Cleaning is well-known for quality spring cleaning services in Brisbane, Gold Coast Toowoomba, Perth and Melbourne, Australia because of their excellent and one of a kind service. We have experienced and skilled team that guaranteed cleanliness of your home from top to bottom at reasonable price. Our team is trained to do every single task and finish the job on time with efficiency.

Pick up your phone and call us today 073-333-1722 or book your reservation now.